Starting a New Project: Baby Boy Blanket

A sweet friend of mine is expecting a little boy in May, so I’m starting my next “middle sized” project today, something I’ve never made – a baby blanky! I looked up a bunch of patterns and tutorials, and eventually ended up deciding to design my own. I made a mini version last night which turned out well, so we’ll see how it does on a larger scale!

My friend isn’t planning on decorating baby boy’s nursery any specific colors, but gave me the rough guideline of “we like blues and greens.” So, perfect for me, my two favorite colors! I spent an embarrassingly long time in the yarn aisles at Hobby Lobby, combining blues, teals, greens, and greys. I initially really wanted to find a bright teal and pair it with a charcoal grey, but remembered that perhaps grey isn’t the most babyish of colors. Oops. And besides, not too many brands of yarn available at Hobby Lobby have a medium-dark grey… what’s up with that? All of that aside, I opted for “I Love This Yarn” antique teal, sea blue, and light sage.

Blues and greens (and secondarily, purples and greys) have been my color palette of choice for quite a long, long time. I specifically learning about analogous color schemes in elementary art class and immediately going for either “purple-blue-green” or “blue-green-yellow” combinations. In the last couple of years, grey has sneakily crept into my list of favorite colors. Everything looks fantastic with grey, I think. I’m afraid that my wardrobe is starting to get taken over – the clerk who very occasionally sells me a white chocolate truffle at work made the comment, “You really like grey, don’t you?” So I guess it’s no secret.

Anyhow, on to the blanket making. I’m thinking I should be able to be done within the week if I really stick to it at nighttime. We’ll see – updates to come!


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