A Wee Turtle!

Today marks an exciting day!! I finally, after years of agonizing over it, opened an Etsy shop! This has been a goal/dream for me for so long, but this year I decided I would definitely and finally just do it. So I did. If you’d like to visit, click here! Nothing too impressive in there yet, though – just a single crochet pattern, which I made today: a wee turtle!

This little guy took me the better part of today to sketch, design, create, and photograph. I also got the pattern all typed up and finished. I really, REALLY enjoyed the whole process, even organizing the pattern and making it look nice. And even though I spent all day on this, I feel like I could go go go into the night!

I designed the turtle for my husband – he loooves turtles. In fact, we have a pet common snapping turtle named Zim (you can see him lurking in the tank in the photo above). Needless to say, although I do love Zim, the cuteness of the wee turtle does not reflect the pointiness and prehistoric-ness that is Zim.

The finished turtle is very small: just an inch or two in any given dimension. As you can see, he fits in the palm of my hand! I think this might be the tiniest thing I’ve ever crocheted. Took a bit of patience and some sore hands/wrists, but definitely worth it. Also, as my husband said, “This is way better than the beavers!” I have to agree.

The next few days will be back to my day job. I’m hoping to get a few moments at nighttime to work on my next project! I’ve got it started and sketched and designed, just need to actually make it… And guess what, it’s not an animal! We’ll see how it goes!