Yummy Saturday

I’ve been under the weather for the past couple of days with a cold, so today was the perfect day to take it easy and get spoiled with some yummy foods. This morning, my husband made his oh-so-delicious Italian hash browns – shredded potato with his “secret” mix of Italian spices, all fried up in olive oil. Yum!

To add to today’s spoiling, I pulled out my favorite cookbook this afternoon – an old Betty Crocker “Cooky Book” that my sister got for me. I’ve loved every recipe I’ve tried! And believe me, I’ve tried a lot of those darn cookies.

Today I made the peanut butter cookies, one of our favorites. We’ve made these a lot, and there’s an interesting add-on next to the recipe – to cut out half of the shortening and add in some honey. I keep wanting to try it, but each time I make these cookies it’s because we’re reeeally craving them, and my husband isn’t sure he’ll like the honey version (honey is my thing, not his). So, we didn’t take the risk today… maybe someday soon. :)

I pulled out the small arsenal of cookie making tools I always use – a stainless steel mixing bowl, a “spoonula” (best thing ever), a one-inch cookie scooper, and a whole lot of measuring spoons & cups. Can’t really go wrong with these guys.

Something I really love about peanut butter cookie dough is how easy it is to work with. I’m not sure if it’s just this recipe or if it’s all peanut butter cookies, but the dough doesn’t stick to anything! I guess that’s how you know there’s too much butter in there to be good for anybody. We decided to experiment and add some chocolate chips (adding chocolate is safer than adding honey?)…

…which was quite delicious! But, the chocolate overpowered the peanut buttery taste too much. We opted to skip the chips for the rest of the batch.

So far, a delicious day for sure. Now to get back to sniffling and sneezing… and maybe a little nap. :)