A Wee Turtle!

Today marks an exciting day!! I finally, after years of agonizing over it, opened an Etsy shop! This has been a goal/dream for me for so long, but this year I decided I would definitely and finally just do it. So I did. If you’d like to visit, click here! Nothing too impressive in there yet, though – just a single crochet pattern, which I made today: a wee turtle!

This little guy took me the better part of today to sketch, design, create, and photograph. I also got the pattern all typed up and finished. I really, REALLY enjoyed the whole process, even organizing the pattern and making it look nice. And even though I spent all day on this, I feel like I could go go go into the night!

I designed the turtle for my husband – he loooves turtles. In fact, we have a pet common snapping turtle named Zim (you can see him lurking in the tank in the photo above). Needless to say, although I do love Zim, the cuteness of the wee turtle does not reflect the pointiness and prehistoric-ness that is Zim.

The finished turtle is very small: just an inch or two in any given dimension. As you can see, he fits in the palm of my hand! I think this might be the tiniest thing I’ve ever crocheted. Took a bit of patience and some sore hands/wrists, but definitely worth it. Also, as my husband said, “This is way better than the beavers!” I have to agree.

The next few days will be back to my day job. I’m hoping to get a few moments at nighttime to work on my next project! I’ve got it started and sketched and designed, just need to actually make it… And guess what, it’s not an animal! We’ll see how it goes!


2013 Words of Inspiration

2013 words of inspirationI thought a fitting first post would be first to say hi there! and second to share my goals for 2013 with you (and for me to look back on)! One of my favorite bloggers, Megan Hunt of Princess Lasertron, has posted words for the past two years to represent what she wants from the new year; she encouraged her readers to come up with their own words. My words for 2013 are live, thanks, and passion.

LIVE: All too often, and I think like many other people, I get caught up in an every day routine and start to spend much of my nights and weekends vegging out with my husband and a good TV show. Don’t get me wrong, relaxing with my husband is some of the best time spent, and it will still be important in 2013! But my life, to me, needs to have some more emphasis on developing my self to be better and experiencing the world. One of my 2013 & beyond goals is to spend less time (but still SOME time) being lazy after a busy day or week at my job(s) and spend more time creating, growing, and living.

THANKS: I feel like I usually do a pretty good job of this, but I MUST be extremely thankful for the life I have. It’s easy to sometimes want more – to be able to move out of our apartment and into a house, to find the full time job I’ve been looking for, etc. But what I do have is amazing. I want to focus more on what I’m fortunate to have in my life and view what I want out of life as aspirations rather than a source of disappointment for not being there yet. Life is a process!

PASSION: This blog marks the beginning of me taking risks to following my passions. One of my passions is teaching; I’ve been doing that for several years and will continue to do so as long as I can! But another passion of mine which I’ve continually marked off as “frivolous” (getting caught up in that veggie routine again) is to create, to craft, to experiment. I will make time for this in 2013; crochet, sew, draw, paint, journal!

Cheet at the window

Here’s to 2013!