A Quick Owl Project

About a week ago, a good friend of mine sent me a cute photo of some little plushie owls with the message “I love owls!” Oooh, what a better excuse to come up with a cute owl pattern of my own to give to her?

I’m just starting to explore creating my own patterns – something that still intimidates me but is also really fun and exciting. I love being able to create something that starts as a whim, which grows into an idea and a sketch, and eventually becomes a (hopefully) cuddly little thing. Sometimes this ends up solely as a “learning experience” (AKA thing that doesn’t turn out quite right), but the owl wasn’t one of those. Phew! Good thing, because I saw this friend the next day for lunch and I was dying to present her with a cute little owl buddy.

I basically started crocheting two “body” parts, which you can see above in the not-so-great-quality photo I took with my phone. I used some leftover yarn that I’m using fairly heavily in a different and larger project – Aqua by “I Love this Cotton.” I really do love this brand of yarn; I feel like they almost always have the colors I’m looking for, the stitches come out looking nice and crisp, and the finished project is soft and flexible enough to be snuggly but sturdy enough to hold its shape.

After the two body parts, I made the eyes, beak, and breast fur from wool felt from Prairie Point Junction. If you haven’t browsed this website – go! I love it, and it’s where I order all my felt. I also made a “strip” to connect the two body pieces and give the owl some extra depth.

After all of that, applying some safety eyes, filling the owl with some pellets & stuffing, and sewing her up, the finished owl emerged…

I’m pretty happy with her! You can see that I opted to not include the wings that were in my original sketch – partially because of time constraints and partially because I couldn’t decide on the best approach (felt? crochet? what colors?). The felt breast is a little crooked, and the hand sewing took a bit of tedious time, but overall she turned out how I had imagined! I had a hard time giving her up the next day… :)