Pattern & Tutorial: Crochet Tulip

We have a cute little vase sitting on a shelf in our bathroom – a cute, but empty vase. I knew I wanted to put something in it someday, but couldn’t put my finger on it yet. Then, it hit me (I don’t know why it didn’t sooner) to try crocheting some flowers. My most favoritest flower of all time is the tulip. It’s so smooth and squat – like a little teacup suspended on a stick! So cute! This past week I’ve been writing (and heavily revising) a tulip pattern, and here it is! Enjoy!

Materials You’ll Need
Crochet hook G (4.00 mm)
Worsted weight yarn color #1 for petals
Worsted weight yarn color #2 for pistil and stamen
Worsted weight yarn color #3 for stem and leaves
Large eye needle
Floral wire of desired length
Ruler for making measurements
Sewing pins for positioning petals

Specific Materials I Used
Crochet hook G (4.00 mm) from Polymer Clay Shed
“I Love This Cotton” Pale Denim for petals
“I Love This Cotton” Banana for pistil and stamen
“I Love This Cotton” Sage for stem and leaves
Fiskars Scissors
Tapestry needle
18 gauge Hobby Lobby floral wire (not pictured)
Steel & cork ruler for making measurements
Sewing pins for positioning petals

Abbreviations Used (US terminology)
ch: chain
sc: single crochet
sc inc: single crochet increase
sc dec: single crochet decrease
Following each row’s instructions for the petals, the number in (parentheses) indicates how many stitches you should have in that row

Petal Pattern: Make 6
ch 2, ch 1 to turn (2)
sc in each, ch 1 to turn (2)
sc inc in each, ch 1 to turn (4)
sc inc, 2 sc, sc inc, ch 1 to turn (6)
sc inc, 4 sc, sc inc, ch 1 to turn (8)
sc in all, ch 1 to turn (8)
sc inc, 6 sc, sc inc, ch 1 to turn (10)
sc in all, ch 1 to turn (10)
sc dec, 8 sc, ch 1 to turn (9)
sc dec, 7 sc, ch 1 to turn (8)
sc dec, 6 sc, ch 1 to turn (7)
sc dec, 5 sc, ch 1 to turn (6)
sc dec, 4 sc, ch 1 to turn (5)
sc dec, 3 sc, ch 1 to turn (4)
sc dec, 2 sc, ch 1 to turn (3)
sc dec, 1 sc, ch 1 to turn (2)
sc dec, tie off leaving a 25 cm tail
Hide the short starting tail by sewing it in

After you have the six petals made, they should fit together like the above picture. Make sure all of the petals are facing the same way if you are particular about that kind of thing. :) Use one of the long petal tails to sew the very insides of the petals together.

Next, using each petal’s tail, sew the inner edges of each petal together to about 2 cm from the center. This is what will form the bottom of the “cup” shape of the tulip.

Now is the beginning of the tricky part. Decide how the petals will alternate – they need to go top-bottom-top-bottom-top-bottom (in other words, identify which petals will be inner and which will be outer). When you pull the tulip into its cup shape, the “top” petals will be in the inside and the “bottom” petals will be on the outside.

Pull the petals up and toward you and into the desired cup shape (you can determine how “open” you want the tulip to be here). You may have trouble holding everything in place with your hands, so pin the petals together and adjust the spacing as you like. As shown above, the edges of the widest part of my outer petals are about 1.3 cm apart. So if you’d like your tulip to be more “closed” than mine, pin your petals closer to each other. Likewise for a more open tulip, you would pin your petals farther apart from each other. Your tulip cup will look funny and lumpy when you pin it – don’t worry!

Now use all of the tails to sew the petals together. Try not to split any of the yarn of the petals as you do this, and make small stitches so they blend in with the crochet stitches. I sewed the petals up to where the inner and outer petal edges meet up, so the very top could fan out a bit without getting floppy. Now you should have a little tulip cup!

Next are the pistil and stamen. Get out your yarn color #2 and thread it on your needle. Pull the yarn up into the tulip cup in the desired spot, tie 2 or 3 knots in the yarn, cut off any excess, and pull the yarn back down through the bottom of the tulip cup until the pistil/stamen are the desired length. Cut off leaving a small tail. Repeat this for all pistil & stamen.

Now for the base and stem, so get out your yarn color #3. The base is a little disc shape. To make it, first ch 2, then make 6 sc in the first ch stitch. Then sc inc all the way around, so you should have 12 stitches in a little circle. Tie off and leave a 15 cm tail. Pull the starting tail tight, tie off and hide in the disc.

For the stem, decide on the length of stem you’d like and cut that much floral wire. The desired length will depend on personal opinion but also what container/vase you’ll be putting it in (if any). Make a chain approximately the length of the wire you chose. Turn at the end of the chain, sc down the entire row, turn, and sc down the entire row again (you should end up with 2 rows of sc on top of your chain). Tie off and leave a looong tail. Lay the floral wire on top of the strip you just made, and use the long stem tail to sew the strip shut around the wire.

Finally, you’ll use the base and stem tails to put everything together. Use the base tail to sew the base to the bottom of the tulip cup, hiding any color #2 yarn you used for the pistil and stamen. Now stick the floral wire partially through the center of the base/bottom of tulip cup (otherwise, the tulip cup can be floppy on top of stem), and use the stem tail to sew the stem to the base.

And that’s that! You should now have a full tulip! Please let me know if you have any questions about the pattern – I’d be glad to help!