Overdue Post! Valentine’s Day 2013

I apologize (to you and to myself!) for not posting for awhile! Lately, I’ve had a bunch of extra work to do at the university and so have been trying to keep up with all the normal stuff on the side. Gah! Talk about throwing a wrench into my crochet blanket plans. ;) Needless to say, that got put on hold for a bit. In the meantime, Valentine’s Day came and went! My husband and I decided to hold off celebrating until Friday, but he did surprise me with some beautiful flowers on Thursday…

I didn’t used to be a flower person, but there’s a lot to say about how much having flowers in the apartment brightens and livens up a room! Aren’t they beautiful? Due to owning two Kitties Who Eat Plants, the bouquet had to live in the bathroom (the one room that can be blocked off from kitty access without any inconvenience).

Friday night, my husband surprised me with dinner at one of my favorite places we don’t visit very often – Mai Thai in Omaha. I’m terrible and get the same thing every time we visit: fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce for an appetizer, and garlic chicken with veggies for the entree. Everything is SO delicious! By the end of dinner, it had started snowing some giant sticky snowflakes. So pretty.

All in all, a wonderful Valentine’s Day with a wonderful husband! <3